I appreciate the way Indian weddings celebrate love. A community based on sharing so many vivid emotions for days. Great company, amazing locations, awesome music and, most importantly, insane amount of colours and emotions. A visual heaven for a photographer. I’m sure I’ve said these things before, and I can’t help but repeat them again. I adore Indian weddings, and visiting India is an opportunity I will always enjoy. In every experience and at every location in India, I experience a memory that I will always cherish. So here’s the story of Khyati and Dj…

Many details enter wined to tell a great love story about to unfold. In Bahrain, about a year ago, I shot an epic fun Indian wedding for Payal and Alim. The four days were full of fun, joy and insane amount of dancing. A party that I thought could never be equally as crazy fun. Payal was surrounded by fun friends flying in from England, UAE and India. So fast forward a few months, same group of friends, same love of laughter, but a better location. This time, all the way in Mumbai! Khyati had promised me that her wedding would be a memorable event to document. I couldn’t have asked for a more fun trip and wedding to cover.

Khyati and Dj had met at work. An office for media and graphic design in Mumbai, was a great hub for the creative couple. As Dj shared the story of how he and Khyati met, and later on how he proposed to her, I understood what it was that attracted them to each other. Whilst Khyati was calm, always smiling and patiently for whatever delayed her friends and family, Dj was full of energy and spark. The young man was a perfectionist, to say the least; and Khyati was his prefect match in being the organising queen. The groom and bride had planned a spectacular wedding that was set in different locations, each with significance to wow the guests. I remember the light assistant, who spoke no English, pointed out a random man and said: “Take picture, man celebrity” Salman Khan’s brother, who is also a Bollywood actor was a guest. An amazingly choreographed dance show that the friends and relatives had practiced for a couple of months wasn’t the only highlight to captivate the audience; The couple had acted in a perfectly timed movie that I so wish I could post and share!

I have to thank the two Payal Patel’s for having me, Roberto and Suhitha join their trips and explaining to me how milkshake, avocado and panipuri isn’t always a great mix. I still think a cherry is needed to dress any drink, and the Indian market should play along with my drinking demands. Joe, Chitanya and Hernandez, you three were more than gracious and took the time and effort to show me around Mumbai. My trip wouldn’t have been the same without you all. Khyati and Dj, no words can portray how thankful I am for your trust. I know you included me as a photographer with the responsibility of documenting every moment you both worked so hard on having, yet you treated me as a friend and wanted me to enjoy my visit in Mumbai. For both, I’m deeply grateful. With love, Tasneem 

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