Charlaine and Chirag got married last December in a beautiful winter wedding in Amwaj, Bahrain. Their families are friends yet they had never actually met before, so the coming together of these two was inevitable and much anticipated.

 In fact, during the wedding the mother of Chirag, the groom, detailed in her wedding speech that she had in fact once met Charlaine years previously and she had wished that her son would one day meet a girl as amazing as her. So everyone was delighted to learn of the engagement of the happy couple. 

Chirag’s mother and Charlaine have an affinity with each other as they are both doctors who volunteer a lot in the community which is perhaps another reason why she thought she’d be the perfect match for her son.

"Charlaine was born in Bahrain and raised here. My father was born in Kuwait, and I moved to Bahrain at infancy. So this is where our childhood, family and you could say roots are. We attended the same school, but only met and spoke to each other at the school reunion. A few years later, when it was time for us to choose a wedding location, we couldn't find a more suitable spot to have all our friends and family join, than Bahrain." explained Chirag, the beaming young groom.

Both Chirag and Charlaine are from the eastern province in Saudi Arabia.

Charlaine is Christian and Chirag is Hindu. The wedding was the beautiful union of different religions, ethnicities, families and friends. There were both Saudi and Hindu traditions weaved through the celebrations. Chirag wore an elegantly ornate traditional Indian wedding outfit; whilst Charlaine’s outfits demonstrated the coming together of the two cultures as she wore the opulent Indian outfit and extravagant head-dress and jewellery on one day and then on another wore a more traditional white wedding dress.

The wedding was a dazzling delight with decorations and flowers from the local Bahraini Singapore Flowers. On one of the days the men played cricket dressed in their colourful wedding outfits and the groom was driven around Amwaj in a limo. The guests danced the night away accompanied by a local Bahraini DJ who played western and Saudi music.  It was a beautiful union of two religions, families, friends, all brought together by the charming couple.

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