Hadeel and Vik’s wedding in Bahrain was especially important for me, as Hadeel and I have been best friends since high school. The wedding took place on 11th & 12th October 2019 at Bahrain’s Amwaj Rotana hotel and went across 2 days. Around 130 guests attended from all over the world; Saudi Arabia, India, England, California. The first day was women only, which is a Saudi tradition and then on the second day everyone was involved for the parties and celebrations.

Hadeel was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, where me and her sister Nourah went to school together. Then we all went our separate ways and it wasn’t until a few years later when Nourah was working in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia where she met her boss Vik who was British-Indian working as a consultant. Nourah then introduced Vik and Hadeel and this is where the love story began.

Initially, Hadeel being from a Saudi family, and Vik who is British Indian was completely out of the question for both families. Not only that, it was far from plain-sailing as Vik’s & Nourah’s company shut down not long after and Vik had to leave the country. But this did not stop the couple from trying to be together. 10 years later, after shifting careers and dedicating himself to his life-long dream, he is now a pilot. Change of career, different location, different cultures, but the one constant in both of their lives was their love for each other, which was so beautifully received at their wedding in Bahrain. Hadeel never stopped speaking about him, her face would light up at the mere mention of his name – as if she knew that one day they would be together – he was the ONE for her.

The wedding was colourful and beautiful with special thanks to the wedding planners and florists Singapore flowers who adorned the place with gorgeous bouquets and floral displays. It was an enchanting and heartwarming day, it marked the union of families, cultures and nationalities and showed how love brings us all together.

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