Suhail Chandhok and Trishya Screwvala were married at the Taj Mahal Hotel in January 2017 in an enchanting and colorful ceremony. “I told my best friend I’m marrying Suhail on our second date!” said the bride, who looked stunning throughout the celebrations, which spanned over four days with as many as 4,000 guests in attendance. Suhail Chandhok, brother of formula one driver Karun Chandhok, and titled to be ‘one of Chennai’s most eligible bachelors’  tied the knot with Trishya Screwvala; daughter of famous Bollywood director, philanthropist and entrepreneur Ronnie Screwvala.

It was the union of two influential people from very different backgrounds. Suhail Chandhok is a TV presenter & sports commentator comes from Chennai from a Hindu origin. Trishya Screwvala pioneers a non-profit organisation, and is from a Parsi background. This wedding was a completely jaw-dropping spectacle, and a pleasure to photograph and be part of. It is one of the largest, most extravagant weddings of the year. But most importantly it was the coming together of families, religions and ethnicities. Each had their own beliefs and practices incorporated into the ceremony, which gave it a magical feel.

The couple first met during a Kabaddi game. “[Trishya] was a guest at a Kabaddi game, and thought Suhail was one of the players sitting on the side. So I commented ‘well played!!’ He looked at me, confused and replied ‘Ummmm…Thank you?!!” Half embarrassed, half not registering what he said, I walked away. This was their first encounter but neither of them realised at this moment what lay ahead. It wasn’t until Trishya accidentally added Suhail on Facebook that the romance began.

“I did a little background checkup” Trishya giggles “Stalking on social media helps!”

“She started retweeting, then added me on Facebook by mistake while she was telling how crap Facebook was to get to know someone. And she still claims to have no idea how to use the internet” Suhail chimes in jokingly.

“She redeemed herself at the celebratory dinner & we started texting a fair bit. Oddly enough, I told my closest friends that I haven’t met this girl yet, but I get the feeling I’m going to marry her.” Suhail added.

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