“Bilal, I want to make your mother the happiest woman in this world, will you let me do that?” Mo asked his soon to be step-son Bilal.

Nasiba and Mohammed married four Autumns ago in a beautiful ceremony in the south of France. They are both from Saudi and the wedding was a small ceremony with around 50 guests. What set this wedding apart from other Saudi weddings I have covered was the stunning southern France location. It spanned across 2 days in both Nice and Cannes, glorious and glamorous with just the right amount of glitz. 

I first met Nasiba when covering my story on Saudi Tales of Love. The heartwarming photo of her and her son Bilal went onto win many awards such as the Sony World photo award. So it was only natural that I would go onto photograph her on the most prominent day of her life.  Nasiba and Bilal’s beautiful bond was emblematic of this glorious day, he so warmly welcomed Mohammed into his life. Now they were a family embarking on a bright future together, and if the wedding was anything to go by their future would be radiant. 

Nasiba is a prominent Saudi fashion designer so the everyone was keen to see how she would dress to impress on her big day. Fashion was a theme throughout the ceremony. The pre-wedding party was themed “Dare to Wear” where the guests were adorned with custom made designer dress. However, he colours and costumes were outshone by the bride’s effortless beauty in her traditional white dress.

 Both Nasiba and Mohammed come from Saudi families but the wedding was no standard Saudi wedding. From classic cars on the promenade to the rustic French mansion, the wedding was spectacular and special , everyone laughed and cried and danced the night away. A true Saudi Tale of Love followed through until the end.

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