"Ahmed’s sister had a feeling that we’d get along and took his phone and followed me on his social media platforms. He didn’t know this and I only followed back because I knew his sister. We started interacting with each other’s posts, and realised we were both studying in Australia in the same place at the same time but never crossed paths." shares Farah, the Bahraini bride. "At the time I had a concept store in Dubai so we met up for a friendly coffee once I was back in Bahrain. He was travelling to Austria that next day and I was flying to Paris for Fashion Week. After that coffee date we kept messaging. One day, he messaged me to tell me that he had a scary snowboarding accident and broke his collarbone and I was the first person he wanted to tell. We started talking more. And we kept talking." she continues. "We still maintained that we were just friends until I realised at my birthday party a month later that we really weren’t just friends. I think we both just knew and we were officially engaged 5 months after that, only 8 months after we’d met. I’m not the kind of person to rush anything, and went back and forth so much in those 5 months but when it’s right and easy and you just know, you happily lean into what’s meant to be. We only discovered right before our wedding that his sister started this all by following me on his Instagram."

My favourite all time location for a wedding venue is Manama's La Fontaine. A French Resturaunt, art gallery, spa, and historical site that anyone visiting Bahrain must visit. Minimal decoration of flowers and candles, and a good crowd of friends and family with fun music is all you need. Farah and Ahmed had all that, and more. From her Azza Hujairi designed , Jewlerry and Razan Alazzouni white wedding dress, the wedding was perfect in every way. Big thank you to the best wedding planners in the Kingdom of Bahrain, The Singapore Flower sisters.